Leader, Manager and Trusted Advisor in International FinTech

If not now, when? If not wow, why?

Director of a Business Unit in innovative multinational FinTech. Manager of 50 employees of multiple nationalities, timezones, and roles.

Dual techno-functional background supported by Computer Science and Business Administration degrees - hence can cover various aspects, from Coaching to Profitability, from Product Management to Process Engineering and FinTech worlds from eCommerce and Banking to Corporate.

Learning new tools and techniques, like ML and AI, and applying them to do my daily job better. Startup coach and an author on medium.

Maxim Korotkov



  • Director Professional Services - Corporate Payments Europe
  • Mar 2019 - Present, Belgium
  • Product: Trax (Corporate Payments Solution)
  • Role: As a Director Professional Services for Corporate Payments Europe I manage a Business Unit. That includes managing a team of Consultants, Project and Portfolio Managers delivering FIS Trax product, managing PNL and strategic development
3 years of double-digit growth (2019-2021)

As a Director, I run my Business Unit to deliver double-digit growth in revenue over 3 subsequent years, adjusting structure, roles, and business processes to keep executing successful projects and get new clients. I do it through hiring, process engineering and budget management.

FIS Trax revenue and capacity forecasting (2019-2020)

From the moment I joined FIS I was responsible for improving quality, predictability and usability of our financial forecasting mechanisms. In FIS financial forecast plays an important role and I improved the toolkit we use in Trax Professional Services - designed, managed and partially done myself automation of PlanView related routines which allowed better integration of end-to-end toolkit and less manual work by my Project Managers. This effort was also used as a basis of an article about use of data science tools for financial forecasting (Use Data Science to Handle Enterprise Resource Planning Data with Ease, published in TowardsDataScience).

OpenWay Europe S.A.

  • Program Manager, Delivery Group Manager
  • Jan 2011 - Feb 2019, Belgium
  • Products: Issuing/Acquiring processing - back-office and switch, e-Commerce/m-Commerce, Web/Mobile Banking, Integration
  • Technologies: Payment Systems (VISA/MC/AMEX/Others); Interfaces: ISO8583, XML/Web Interfaces; High Availability databases; etc
OpenWay Delivery Belgium Restructuring (2017-2018)

That year Belgium & Luxembourg Delivery team had to face new challenges - focus on service excellence and improve customer satisfaction. I've run the internal restructuring project, where we swapped Teams, defined responsibilities of Team Leaders, established new KPI established, and migrated an ERP system.

Rebooting relationships with SIX Payment Services, Luxembourg (2016)

After five years' migration of SIX Payment Services Luxembourg to WAY4 system has finished, but professional relationships between SIX and OpenWay required a boost. I took over the program and proved OpenWay capable of delivering new projects. Through this journey, I've set up a different reporting structure and orchestrated new business models (Core Team, 3-party partnership with an integrator), which proved to be useful and profitable and brought us forward to do new business with SIX.

Credorax Migration to WAY4 system, Israel/Malta/USA (2015)

Credorax is an innovative e-Commerce and m-Commerce acquirer. I've managed the full program: my team analyzed requirements, configured WAY4 accordingly, deployed it in a cross-continental cluster and migrated Credorax merchants to WAY4 system. It has been a success and took only nine months from project kick-off to the first production transaction on a new system. Challenging schedule, the team in 5 countries, and quite a few innovative products and technologies discovered on the way.

Launch of new Issuing Processing in EMIS, Angola (2012)

Managing a project with a new Issuing Processing entity in Angola taught me patience and opened new cultural horizons. We have been able to push our way through, taking over tasks typically handled by Banks and have kept a good relationship, which made EMIS one of the best customers for years after launch.

OpenWay Service

  • Senior Consultant
  • Jun 2007 - Dec 2010, Russia

eVelopers corp.

  • Technical Leader, J2EE Software Development
  • Apr 2004 - Jun 2007, Russia


Vlerick Business School (Belgium)
  • 2017-2018, Executive Development Program; Testimonials
  • 2018, New Business Development
  • 2009-2011, Executive MBA; Paper
Saint-Petersburg University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (Russia)
  • 2001-2007, Bachelor + Master in Computer Science
Saint-Petersburg Lyceum 239 (Russia); 1999-2001

Languages: English (fluent), Russian (native), French (B2), Dutch (A2)

Advisory role

Acted a an Advisor to start-ups, open to new opportunities. This role allows me to both share knowledge and broaden my horizons. Interested in helping more startup teams.

Matterly, 2018
  • A marketplace of financial products for non-financial enterprises and NGOs. Matterly provides tools for brands to cash-in on the experience of making personal finance vibrant. I helped to build a business case, and a product management plan. Team keeps working on the project, but we parted our ways.
Secure ICO, 2018-2019
  • We were bringing IPO experience to the ICO world. Secure ICO provides a seamless experience to teams doing ICO and easy but secure investment experience to ones who have or have never been investing in ICOs before. I helped to build a business case and business plan and also connected to the ITMO scientific network. We were making business applications of blockchain and crypto.
  • Didn't work in the end, but I co-authored a research paper: Building verifiable smart contracts with finite state machines; Sergey Orshanskiy & Maxim Korotkov; 2018
EZ Homes, 2021
  • An innovative platform to connect real estate agents and clients (project stopped as key founder changed direction personally)
Resto 21, 2021
  • Platform to deliver menu editor and QR-codes to restaurants
CryptoQ, 2021

Research, Events, Publications

Interested in joint research both in business and scientific domain. Participating in educational events. Co-creator of YourDataBlog - a blog on applications of Data Science to Management, together with Dmytro Karabash

Saint-Petersburg University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics
  • 2019; Guest lecturer on the subject of Behavioral Ecomonics and co-founder of The Open FinTech program in IFMO university
  • Feb 2007 - Jun 2010; Worked as a Lecturer / Assistant Professor
  • Co-authored a scientific book: Foundations of formal logic languages; Eugene Stepanov & Maxim Korotkov; Russian; ISBN 5-7577-0122-6
  • 2018: Our team won Cities stream
  • 2019: Gave a resentation on Value Creation, workshop on Team Composition and was a jury member for FinTech stream
  • 2020: Silver medal (team achievement) in Cornell Birdcall Identification competition (Machine Learning)
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